O’Hill Dining Hall



Summary of Program

Many UVa service employees are refugees and immigrants who have recently resettled in Charlottesville. VISAS Volunteers have an opportunity to welcome these newcomers and to help them improve their English and literacy skills. Training and supervision is provided for volunteers who meet weekly with learners, individualizing instruction within a larger group workshop setting. Sessions are held during workers’ break time at the Observatory Hill Dining Hall. You must be a native speaker of English in order to apply for this position.

Program Outline

Basic Prerequisites:

  • Be a native speaker of English
  • Able to meet and work with O’Hill Dining Hall employees from a variety of countries on a regular, scheduled basis

General Time Requirements:

  • When? Beginning the 5th week of the semester and ending the final week
  • How often? Once per week on either Monday or Wednesday (or both, if you prefer), during workers’ break times, ten times during the semester
  • How long? One hour, thirty minutes in total for each session from 3:15 – 4:45 PM (the session is from 3:30-4:30, but volunteers are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to prepare and stay 15 minutes after to debrief with program coordinators)

Position Duties:

  • Work with UVa service employees to help them practice English language and literacy skills to meet their own language goals
  • Provide individualized instruction within a larger group workshop setting
  • Attend training sessions led by our program coordinators to learn and understand ESL teaching and learning techniques
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