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Student TEACHING Consultants (TCs)


Summary of Program
Observe and work with a new international TA.

Periodically throughout the semester, Teaching Consultants visit the section of a new international TA (ITA) who may need extra support. Volunteers sit in on the class as a student and observe what seems to be going well and what areas the TA could improve upon in the classroom. Teaching Consultants then meet with the international TA to discuss their observations. You must be a native speaker of English in order to apply for this position.

Program Outline

Basic Prerequisites:

  • Be a native speaker of English
  • Able to work efficiently and communicate effectively with new ITAs
  • Willing to attend sessions in locations designated by the ITA(s)
  • Looking for a smaller time commitment (around 4 sessions per semester, one hour each)

General Time Requirements:

  • What? You will be responsible for choosing a section to visit based on your interests and the class’ schedule. You are expected to attend three short TC staff meetings with the Coordinator and other TCs, share your observations with the ITA after each session, and send your observations to the TC Coordinator.
  • When? Beginning the 5th week of the semester and ending the last week
  • How long? Three to four times per semester for at least the first hour of class

Position Duties:

  • Observe and work with a new international TA providing support for their classroom communication skills
  • Sit in on the ITA’s class as a student and work with other current ITAs to provide feedback
  • Communicate your observations
  • Schedule periodic meetings with other TCs and the TC coordinator


“They are very nice and helped me a lot on how to teach and communicate with the students more effectively. “— Y.S., International TA

“It was wonderful to meet Y.S. and spend time with him in his classes this semester. Having not had any experiences in a Physics lab, I unexpectedly felt I learned something important just by sitting in during his classes! Y always impressed me with his intelligence, confidence, and friendliness. I respect the work that he does tremendously and wish him all the best as he continues on at the University.”— I.H., Teaching Consultant

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