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Student LANGUAGE Consultants (LCs)


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Summary of Program
1 hour weekly meeting with conversation partners.

The LC program has expanded to include international students, staff, scholars, and their families, who wish to improve and practice their oral English and learn more about American culture.

LCs meet with 1-2 international partners for an hour a week for 10 weeks of the semester. Rather than a tutoring session, this is a time for relaxed English conversation on topics of mutual interest. You must be a native speaker of English in order to apply for this position. Otherwise, an interest in getting to know international students and share one’s own culture is the only requirement. VISAS will assist you by providing ideas for conversation topics and places and events of interest around Grounds.

LCs can work in any of the following areas:

  • With international graduate or undergraduate students or researchers
  • With international UVa staff and employees
  • With spouses and family members of UVa students

Program Outline

Basic Prerequisites:

  • Must be a native speaker of English
  • Will work with international graduate students, undergraduates, scholars, and their family members
  • Will meet at a mutually convenient location on Grounds

General Time Requirements:

  • One hour per week at a time that fits into your schedule
  • Continuing for 10 weeks, beginning the 4th week of the semester and lasting until the last week before finals

Position Duties:

  • Hold a relaxed English conversation with your partner(s)
  • Be flexible in scheduling–you will be able to choose a convenient time slot after submitting your application
  • Check in periodically with your program coordinator
  • Maintain contact with your partner in case of conflicts or difficulties


“At first, I met with my language partners each week to discuss our weekly suggested topics. Now, I look forward to sitting down with two old friends and catching up, chatting about everything from Chinese politics to Spanish cuisine. It has been so great to get to know two wonderfully kind, genuine people with an endless curiosity about the world who have inspired me to go out and experience even more!” –M.F., Language Consultant 

“I’d like to thank my language partners for the wonderful conversations, laughter, and stories we were able to share this past year. Thank you for sharing so much about your lives and your culture. I would often come out of our conversations in a brighter and happier mood. You gave me a needed breath of fresh air in my week.” –S.M., Language Consultant 

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