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Find resources to help better work and communicate with your partner, as well as activities for weekly Workplace meetings, here.

Conversation Tips and Topics: 

Tips for being a Conversation Partner
Tips and tactics for more effectively communicating in groups and one-on-one with learners. 

The Tutoring Experience 
Tutoring tips and strategies for volunteers. 

Working with Adults
Tips for communicating with adult students. 

Conversation Starters
Questions to jumpstart conversations on a variety of topics. 

Activity ideas for improving literacy. 


Common Workplace Topics 


Pronunciation and Conversation

Sounds of English
Provides practice for diphthongs, word endings, etc. 

Rachel’s English
Video with common American English phrases. 

Text-to-Speech Tool
Input text into the box and a pronunciation is generated and said out loud. 

American Accent
Interactive grammar boxes for pronunciation of phrases in American English. 

Practical English Conversations
Listen and practice with different English conversation situations, like traveling, going to the bank, shopping, or renting an apartment.

English Conversations for Beginners
Practice conversations for beginners on many topics, like school, food, safety, and health. 



Building Basics: ESL Toolkit for Maintenance Workers
Series of lessons on vocabulary and grammar for maintenance workers, organized by type of work (construction, painting, landscaping, plumbing).

Chemistry vocabulary interactive website with videos about all the elements. 

More medical terms about illness. 

Business and Economics
Interactive website with pictures and fill-in-the-blank activities about business vocabulary. 

Vocabulary for standardized tests and English in general, great for students studying for TOEFL, CLEP, etc. 



ESL Reading Lessons
This website is simple, effective, and easy to use, with short reading passages and pictures for beginning and intermediate learners. 


English dialogues categorized by level, as well as worksheets, e-books, printable resources, and vocabulary resources.  


Learn American English Online
This website includes seven color-coded levels of instruction, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each lesson is introduced by a video that explains the relevant grammar point and includes a series of grammar quizzes and dictation exercised (with answers). 

English for Emails
A helpful guide to sending, receiving, and organizing emails. This website also talks about email etiquette, and ways to successfully ask and answer questions via email.
This is a really nice SVO explanation link with lots of examples and a video. Give it a look and see if it could work with your learners who are working on SVO and basic sentence structure.

Everyday Grammar 
Videos and fun lessons that show how Americans use English grammar in everyday conversation. 

Completing Official Documentation: 

Filling in Forms
Tips and exercises to help with filling out official forms, such as applications for a passport, driver’s license, or job.




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