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Reading and Grammar



The following resources are helpful for practicing reading and grammar on your own.



Simple Wikipedia
This version of the popular encyclopedia is designed with English language learners in mind. Writers are encouraged to use basic English vocabulary whenever possible, and to provide clear explanations for field-specific terms. Not only is Simple Wikipedia an accessible reading source, but it also serves as a model for clear instruction. It is user-edited and reviewed, so be cautious in trusting its information. 


Learn American English
This website includes seven color-coded levels of instruction, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each lesson is introduced by a fun video that explains the relevant grammar point and includes a series of grammar quizzes and dictation exercises (with answers) that you can use at home for additional controlled practice. For each level, there are a series of reading activities that reinforce the particular grammar point of the lesson. Excellent resource. 

Grammar Resource
Filled with resources arranged by level and helpful readings. 

Action English Worksheets
Picture worksheets to practice your action words in English. 


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